Acupressure Pillows

Acupressure is an ancient healing art that's based on the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture. With acupressure, you put pressure on specific places on your body. These places are called acupoints. The pillows are popular for under your feet and neck to relieve headaches.

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Acupressure Pillow Ireland

Acupressure pillows contain hundreds of plastic points which apply pressure to many acupressure points in your feet, hands or neck and head. There are also acupressure mats that you can use on your back. Many people are currently using acupressure mats to alleviate back pain.


Where do you put acupressure pillows?

Simply place the acupressure pillow on the floor in front of your work chair and place your feet (no socks or thin socks) onto the acupressure pillow. Make a prancing movement with your feet to gently massage your feet on the acupressure pillow."

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