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Take a look at Ireland’s top exercise equipment provider for quality exercise equipment. Choosing the right equipment for exercise is an important part of your training regime. The tools you use must be sturdy for any impact-based exercises, and flexible enough to fit your needs. Our exercise equipment in Ireland contains these exact features, from our reliable and sturdy gym balls to our weighted jump ropes. Check our high-quality selection below.

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Want to enhance your training with our exercise equipment in Ireland? Try out more of our exercise products. From exercise bands to balance equipment, our catalogue of exercising equipment is well-produced.


What is the best workout equipment for home?

This will have to go down to preference. The main factor you need to consider is, what are you looking to improve? Are you looking to increase muscle growth? If so, what muscle are you looking to improve? Or maybe you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness?

All of these factors will affect our answer on the best workout equipment at home. But in general, it is usually best to recommend light workout equipment for home use. So, for muscle growth, we recommend resistance bands, or for cardiovascular fitness, we would recommend our weighted jump rope.


What is the best exercise equipment for beginners?

Our answer is quite similar to the question above: this will go down to your preference and plan. There is no set “best” exercise equipment for beginners, as the topic is too general to boil it down to one type of equipment.

We have some recommendations for specific types of equipment for specific types of exercises. For instance, our light exercise weights are usually great for beginners as they are much easier to lift and allows you to get used to the exercise quicker.


What equipment burns the most belly fat?

Heavy equipment: We recommend a treadmill to help you burn belly fat. Treadmills are efficient in helping you lose belly weight due to the many options it provides for exercise.

Light equipment: Unless you know how to use your own body to exercise (from jumping jacks to running), we would alternatively recommend a skipping rope as consistent body movement can indefinitely help with burning body fat overall.


Are home gym machines worth it?

It depends on your motivation and financial situation. Home gym machines are usually quite an expensive option to choose from, but partaking in regular exercise will make the purchase worth it.

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