Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive Bandages or Cohesive Tape sometimes also known as self adherent tape is quite unique in that it only sticks to itself. It doesn't stick to your skin or hair. It's a very economical tape and very quick to apply, making it popular pitch side with Physios and Physical Therapists for athletes at matches.

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What is a cohesive elastic bandage?

The Hemmka Health Compression Cohesive Bandages are hand tearable and specifically designed to provide a consistent level of compression, that won't constrict or compromise proper circulation during extended wear or while playing a match. The soft, permeable fabric is gentle on skin and particularly hairy skin as it only sticks to itself. The Lighter Version is usually used for holding Underwrap or wound pads in place.


What is Cohesive Tape used for?

Cohesive tape conforms very well to joints and body parts and it has no sticky residue because it only sticks to itself. Cohesive bandages are used for covering wounds and it supports injured joints and muscles. It conforms to the contours of the body and movement without bunching or rolling down which makes it very popular with athletes and therapists at matches.


Is Cohesive Bandage waterproof?

The outside of Cohesive Bandage is coated with a water-resistant layer which allows it to repel water whilst maintaining its breathability.


Can you shower with cohesive bandages?

Yes, but it would be advisable to use a cast covers if the bandage is holding a dry pad over an open wound or cut.


Are cohesive bandages sticky?

No, Cohesive Bandages don’t contain any glue. They are designed not to stick to your hair or skin and to only stick to itself as you wrap it around your joint or body part.


Can you put a cohesive bandage directly on a wound?

If you have a cut or wound, it is usually covered first with a wound pad or dressing. Then this pad would be held in place by the cohesive bandage.


Can you reuse a compression cohesive bandage?

Some self‑adherent wraps suggest that you can reuse them but we don’t advise it. Cohesive bandages are not expensive so if re-wrapping an injury, just use a new fresh roll.


Is cohesive bandage breathable?

Yes, our Hemmka Health Cohesive Bandage is breathable and sticks only to itself. The compression version is thicker and heavier for a tighter, more compressive fit but it is still breathable as well.


How long should you wear a compression bandage?

It is important when using a compression bandage that you choose the right size and wrap the injured body part snugly to apply pressure without cutting off circulation. A compression bandage generally should be used for only 24 to 48 hours after an injury but it’s always good to get a Doctor or Physio’s advice.


What is cohesive bandage used for?

Cohesive Bandages are usually used as a quick fix at the side of a pitch during a match. For example: applying a compression bandage to limit swelling within a joint, to secure socks and shin guards when playing football or protecting goalkeeper's fingers & wrists from hyperextension. It has many different applications and is very popular as it is very economical.


Do cohesive bandages stick to skin?

No, one of the main benefits of Cohesive bandages are that they only stick to themselves, and not to skin or hair. This makes them quick and easy to apply and remove from injured body parts, as they don’t require any tape or pins to hold them in place.

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