Cold Compression Therapy

Cold Compression therapy has been practiced as far back as Ancient Greece, and even in modern times it provides a number of benefits, whether you are recovering after an injury or you simply want to improve your quality of life. Compression socks, stockings, boots, bandages and cuffs are great at supporting your body and applying the pressure that you need to feel better in your body. At Physiosupplies, we know how important it is to take care of your body and have a wide selection of items for you to choose from.

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Using Cold Compression cuffs in Ireland

Following an injury, it is important to follow the ‘R.I.C.E’ guideline, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. These steps will alleviate swelling and help to speed up your recovery. Compression therapy is useful in a number of situations, and using the right equipment can make all of the difference.

A knee brace or knee compression cuff is one of the most popular. It provides vital support to the joint following an injury to help ease pain and make movement easier. Joints are particularly susceptible to injury, so if you have a hand injury, a wrist compression sleeve can make all of the difference. With a removable inner gel pack, you can add much-needed cooling to your recovery routine.

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When should I use compression therapy?

If you are injured, recovering from surgery, or have a chronic condition, compression therapy might provide the relief you need and help aid your recovery. The steady and gentle pressure on the body will support the joint and prevent further injury, ensuring that any incidences of recurrence are lowered greatly.


Who is helped by compression therapy?

Compression therapy can be used by many different people. Sporting professionals might benefit when recovering from an injury, and patients might find that it provides them with numerous benefits after surgery. It can be used exactly as the patient requires, which makes it the preferred method for many.


What are the compression therapy benefits?

Compression delivers numerous benefits including better blood flow, reduced swelling, lower risk of blood clots, and faster healing. As a result, it is useful for numerous individuals whether they have suffered from a sporting injury or they are recovering from major surgery.


Can cold compression reduce inflammation?

Yes. Cold compression therapy helps to alleviate inflammation and swelling following injury or surgery, helping to speed up the healing process. Be cautious of wrapping your injury too tightly as this could cause further problems.


Does Cold compression therapy work?

Cold Compression therapy really does work. It can help to not only speed up the healing of an injury, but also to improve the quality of life if you suffer from a chronic condition.

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