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Anatomical skeleton and skull models are popular educational tools in many professions, such as physiotherapy, medical teaching, and even art. They allow you to gain greater insight and understanding of the human body, its skeletal system, and the skull in more detail. These highly accurate models are seen as essential within many professions, and here at Physiosupplies, we have a large collection of the best anatomical skeleton and skull models for you to choose from.

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Buy skull models & anatomical skeletons in Ireland

Anatomical models are designed to be extremely hygienic and easy to clean, making them the ideal learning tool you need. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, you’ll find it easy to decide which skeleton or skull is right for you.

Looking for an anatomical skeleton with a stand? Perhaps you need to add a skull with a brain to your toolkit? We have worked hard to find the best items for your study, and you’ll find them here on Physiosupplies.

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Why do some skull models have colour?

Some of the skull models you’ll find on the market are plain in colour, while others are vibrant with painted sections. This is to aid physiology, nursing, and medical students in their study. The coloured sections enable a more precise study and provide clear guides to follow.


What material are skeleton models made of?

While the material used for anatomical skeleton models may vary, the majority of manufacturers will use a washable PVC. This is to help you maintain high standards of hygiene by making the skeleton easier to clean and look after. With the right care, your skeleton will last a very long time.


Who benefits from using skeleton models?

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, and other healthcare professionals find that skeleton models are the ideal learning tool, not only for themselves but also for students studying under their guidance. The skeleton provides a clear visual representation to help them understand more complex concepts.


What size are anatomical skull models?

Sizing of your anatomical skull model may vary depending on the manufacturer, but most are made to be life sized. By creating them to be an accurate representation of the actual size of the human skull, students beginning their journey of learning and healthcare professionals looking to refresh their knowledge can get a better understanding.

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