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Physical exercise is demanding – but only if you are doing it right. To ensure that you remain in peak condition, we’ve assembled a collection of Massage products to smooth the way to rewarding workouts. Their therapeutic properties will ensure optimal recovery from heavy training and help you look after your body. Optimise your exercise in Ireland with our massage equipment below!

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Physio Supplies Ireland boasts a wide variety of massage equipment in Ireland to help you remain in peak condition. Physical exercise is demanding - but only if you are doing it right. Ensure your exercise routine is optimised with our selection of massage equipment, with therapeutic features that allows you to recover better from heavy training.

Thinking of fully developing your exercise habits? Our 100% Irish exercise equipment can help with your goal to optimise your workout routine. Check them out now.


What equipment is needed for massages?

For traditional massages, a massage table, pillows, and massage oils, and a masseuse/masseur are what you typically need.

In terms of massaging equipment for exercises, equipment such as rollers, electric massagers are options that you can use to help you recover quickly. Check our supply of massage equipment for more options on training recovery.


What is the best massage equipment for home use?

There is no best exclusive type of massage equipment you can use at home, as it will always depend on the preference of a person.

If you do not know what kind of massager you want in your home, think about the features you would like to have. Is the massager I want to have lightweight? Does it effectively relieve pain? If you want something like this, our catalogue of massage equipment hosts a variety of different products to suit your needs.


What should you not do when using an electric massager?

In a traditional massage service, there are various etiquettes that you should note down. However, a self-massage using an electric massager does not have a limit in use.

It is important to note that while you are using an electric massager, it is best to use it only after a workout. Using an electric massager on anything else (like a physical injury, swelling, etc.) can damage the current injury rather than fix it.

Massage equipment is typically used to help ensure you recover effectively right after a hard workout.

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