Elbow Supports & Tennis Elbow Braces

When you are recovering from an injury or need additional support after surgery, elbow supports and braces are the perfect solutions. Adjustable to suit your needs, they are easy to fit so that you can get on with your day. Available as straps, clasps, sleeves, supports, and exercisers, you will reduce the risk of further injury at the gym and speed up your recovery. The best elbow support depends on your needs, and you will find tennis elbow support and golfers elbow support available in Ireland today.

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The best elbow supports and braces

Dealing with tennis elbow? Supports are the perfect solution. Tennis elbow support braces and straps are easily adjustable and simple to fit, so you can put them on yourself without any assistance required. They stabilise and protect your elbow, speeding up recovery and preventing further injury.

Need golf elbow support instead? Our range of golf elbow power straps and sleeves will give you the support you need throughout your continued training and recovery. By supporting weak joints, you can get back to your highest level of fitness without straining yourself further. Golfers elbow support comes in a variety of styles to suit your needs, with big brands such as Pro-Tec, 66fit, and NEO G to choose from.

At Physiosupplies, we are proud to be 100% Irish-owned. Operating over the last 12 years, we have the expertise you need to get back to full fitness. Contact us today for expert advice.


What are elbow braces used for?

Elbow braces and supports are particularly useful to tennis players and golfers, as well as general injuries. They help to stabilise the joint and prevent straining your elbow, reducing the risk of injury and allowing your body to heal and recover quickly. By protecting a weak or vulnerable joint, you will prevent injuries from getting worse.


Can I wear an elbow brace all day?

Whether wearing an elbow support all day is right for you is dependent on your needs and the advice of your physiotherapist. Many healthcare professionals will recommend wearing an elbow brace for a few weeks in order to protect the joint and provide the vital support needed for recovery.


Do elbow braces help with tendonitis?

Elbow braces can support elbow tendons, which can provide much-needed relief for sufferers of tendonitis. The reduction in pressure on the tendons can help to relieve inflammation. Combined with elevation to reduce swelling, elbow supports can help tendonitis.


Will a compression sleeve reduce elbow pain?

Compression sleeves can help with elbow pain in the short term, as they will provide the necessary support and stability to reduce movement and allow your body to heal. Compression sleeves are essential post-injury, as they are a vital part of recovery, reducing swelling and discomfort.


Should an elbow compression sleeve be tight?

An elbow compression sleeve should be tight but not restrictive. Healthcare professionals will recommend a snug fit in order to provide the compression benefits you need. If your sleeve is too tight, you may find that it does the opposite of what you were hoping for, as it can aggravate the injury further.

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