Sports Massage Therapy

When recovering from an injury or surgery, massage therapy can be a huge help. It is an effective way to help improve your health and wellbeing through the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body. Throughout history, it has been used by medical and healthcare professionals to ensure effective healing and pain management. At Physiosupplies you’ll find massage sticks, foam rollers, and massage lotions to enhance your massage therapy.

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Fast and effective sports massage therapy

Whether you have had major surgery or you are extremely active in sports, massage therapy is an effective way to manage pain, improve your health and wellbeing, and ensure that your recovery is as fast as it can be. After an intense workout, a foam roller can provide the kind of intense massage that you would expect from a physiotherapist. These lightweight tools are perfect for home use!

One of the biggest physiotherapy trends at the moment is the massage gun. Extremely portable and effective, they provide targeted vibrations and are easy to use. With a variety of attachments available and a huge selection of colours, you can even choose one that matches your physiotherapy clinic branding.

Need some massage lotion to make the massage more effective? Our range comes in a variety of scents from natural to vanilla, and with free shipping on all orders over €70, you can save money on delivery to mainland Ireland with Physiosupplies.


What does a sports massage do?

A sports massage is designed to provide targeted massages to a specific area of the body, correcting problems that may be caused by strenuous exercise or repetitive activity or trauma. An effective sports massage will enhance your performance, prevent reinjury, and aid recovery.


Is there a difference between sports massage therapy and a deep-tissue massage?

A deep-tissue massage is often a full-body experience, working over the entirety of your body to help you relax. Sports massage therapy, on the other hand, focuses on a specific area of the body after injury or surgery to ensure effective recovery and prevent further injury.


Is a sports massage painful?

With sports massage therapy, you’ll likely experience some discomfort. However, it shouldn’t be so painful that you tense up. If you are tensing up, it means that the massage will be of little benefit to you. Ensure you communicate with your physiotherapist to ensure the treatment works for you without causing you further pain.


What makes massage therapy different to a massage?

A traditional massage at a spa will help you to relax, while massage therapy works with a specific goal in mind, based on your health needs and goals. It will often be part of a larger treatment plan to get you back to full health.


Does massage therapy work?

Massage therapy has been proven to be extremely effective. It not only helps to reduce stress, but it also has shown real psychological and physical health benefits. It can reduce soreness significantly and aid your recovery.

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