Strapping Tape

Strapping tape, also known as medical retention tape or dressing tape, is used by physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to support injuries and prevent further damage from being caused. By limiting the movement of the injury, taping can allow the area to heal more effectively. It works extremely effectively and can be used anywhere on the body. We have a variety of tape available here on Physiosupplies, so shop the range today.

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Waterproof strapping tape for injury support

Using the right kind of support on an injury can help to reduce the time spent recovering while also eliminating the pain felt. It is the perfect way to prevent further injuries and its versatility makes it great for a range of injuries. Adhesive tape is ideal for any sports injuries as it sticks to the skin and is extremely durable, even during exercise.

There are many options when it comes to taping, but one of the most popular is zinc oxide. This rigid, non-stretch tape gives the right support and helps to immobilise the joint, giving the injury the right time to heal effectively.

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What is strapping tape used for?

Strapping tape is used for securing and immobilising an injured part of the body. This helps to prevent further damage from being caused and enables the body to heal more quickly, speeding up the process and providing solid support to the area.


Does strapping tape work?

Strapping tape has proven to be extremely effective, not only in providing support to the area but also increasing circulation and reducing pain. It aids recovery and rehabilitation following an injury or surgery.


What is the difference between kinesiology tape and strapping tape?

Kinesiology tape is designed to be extremely flexible and stretchy. This makes it useful for supporting the joint without limiting mobility. Strapping tape, on the other hand, is rigid and does not stretch, making it perfect for injuries where the joint needs to be kept in the same position.


Can you shower with medical tape on?

Some medical tape can be worn in the shower, however, most healthcare professionals and experts recommend not putting the injured area of the body under the water directly, as this could cause problems and pain for the patient.


What is zinc oxide tape used for?

Zinc oxide tape can help to speed up healing following an injury or surgery by immobilising the joint and preventing further damage from being caused. This temporary treatment is excellent for physiotherapists to use as it provides much-needed support and stability throughout the healing process.

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