Ring & Ulcer Cushions

Ring cushions and ulcer cushions also known as donut cushions are designed to provide much-needed relief and comfort when sitting down for an extended period of time. These doughnut cushions are ideal for use during pregnancy or by haemorrhoids sufferers. They remove the pressure, making sitting more comfortable and less painful. Available in a variety of styles, from round cushions to squares with cut out holes in the centre, you will easily be able to find the right pressure relief cushion for your needs.

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Finding quality ring cushions in Ireland

Orthopaedic sitting cushions provide vital relief from pregnancy pains, haemorrhoids, or pressure ulcers when sitting for a long time. They are highly adaptable, making them excellent for use in seats or in wheelchairs. Using a ring cushion can prevent medical conditions such as pressure ulcers, poor circulation, and muscle tightness.

Some pressure relief cushions are inflatable, making it easy to adjust the amount of cushioning you get. It also makes them easy to store and transport to where you need them. Our inflatable cushions are some of the bestselling on our website, with different styles available to suit your needs.

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Do inflatable Donut cushions really work?

Inflatable cushions provide much-needed relief from a variety of pain, whether from pressure sores, pregnancy pains, or tailbone aches. You can inflate or deflate the cushion as much as required, providing the ideal level of support. The hole in the centre of the cushion means that you will not have pressure on the sore area, making sitting for extended periods of time much more comfortable.


Are pressure ring cushions relieving?

Are pressure cushions relieving? By reducing the pressure on the skin and body, you can prevent sores and discomfort. The cushioning and design of pressure pads ensures that your weight is distributed evenly, without the harsh tension and pressure against tender areas.


What is a ring pad used for?

Ring pads, otherwise known as doughnut cushions or pressure relief cushions, are used for a variety of conditions and pains, including but not limited to pregnancy discomfort, haemorrhoids, tailbone pain, and pressure sores. It can also be used when recovering from certain types of surgery.


Are doughnut cushions good for bed sores?

Doughnut cushions are perfect for relieving bed sores, as they move the pressure away from the tender areas. This gives your body the chance to recover, will make sitting so much more comfortable and will prevent you from causing further problems from sitting for an extended period of time.


What type of donut cushion is best for pressure sores?

Inflatable support cushions are ideal for pressure sores, as you can adjust the cushion to ensure you are not putting weight on the tender area. As they are inflatable, the firmness can be easily adjusted to fit your need.

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