Anatomical Torso Models

When it comes to anatomical models, one of the most detailed for medical professionals and physiotherapists to use are torso models. Anatomical torso models are large in size, which is often to allow plenty of space to show the body with greater accuracy. They help professionals refresh their knowledge and allow students to learn something new. Interested in buying an anatomical torso model? At Physiosupplies, we stock the best in Ireland.

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Anatomical torso models come in a variety of styles. Some might display the overall appearance of the torso with a ‘cut out’ effect to allow a peek inside. Others might have organs you can remove in order to gain greater insight into the body.

Made from washable PVC, you can easily clean the body and maintain your high hygiene standards. At Physiosupplies, we stock a variety of 66fit anatomical models for you to choose from.

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What is a torso model?

An anatomical torso model can seem complex to look at, as they contain information on all of the organs you’ll find within the torso. Often larger in size, they give you an accurate insight into the human body and what happens within the trunk of the human body.


Which part of the body is shown in anatomical torso models?

The torso of the human body is also referred to as the trunk. It is the central part of the human body and is classed as the part of the body from the neck down to the top of the hip bone.


Does a torso model include the back and stomach?

Torso models include the entirety of the trunk of the human body. This includes the chest, abdomen, and back. The details in the model might vary depending on the manufacturer.


Which organs are included in an anatomical torso model?

The organs included in a torso model will vary depending on the maker. Often, you’ll find that the most recognisable organs are included, such as the heart, lungs, liver, and stomach. Some models may be more detailed and include other organs such as the intestines, diaphragm, and intestines.

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