Adult Orthopaedic Boots & Foot Supports

Orthopaedic boots, often called foot supports, leg supports, or adult walkers, are designed to protect injured legs, ankles, and feet following injury. They allow the area to heal by reducing strain on the area, preventing further damage and allowing for controlled movements. Easy to fit and use, they are a favourite for many physiotherapists in Ireland eager to get their patients up and moving again after an injury.

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Orthopaedic boots and foot supports for adults

Orthopaedic boots look very much like boots, though they are often a little bulkier in order to protect the injured area from further damage. They can be slipped onto the foot and leg and adjusted accordingly, ensuring that the limb has the right level of support for the injury.

If you have a cast, there are many cast boots that will fit perfectly over the cast and your foot to deliver support. They are designed to reduce pressure and stress on the injury, helping to speed up the recovery time and get you moving again a little more easily.

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Why do people wear orthopaedic boots?

Orthopaedic boots are a great way to protect broken bones and strains to the lower leg, ankle, and foot. They help the area to heal by preventing further injury and reducing movement in the joints, speeding up the healing process greatly.


Can I walk in my ortho boot?

Ortho boots are designed so that you can walk in them if you are ready to. You may find in the early stages that it is easier to walk on the heel, but the boot will allow you to walk on your foot more over time while supporting the injury and preventing further damage.


Are adult walkers better than casts?

Walking boots are seen as a great alternative to plaster casts, as they can shorten the recovery period. However, it is better to speak to your physiotherapist or another healthcare professional to ensure that it is the right decision for you.


Should you sleep in an orthopaedic boot?

Most orthopaedic boots are not designed to sleep in. They are instead designed for wear around the house or out and about. Before you get up in the morning, you’ll need to put the boot on to ensure that your foot and leg are protected properly before you begin moving.

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