Balance Cushions & Inflatable Wedges

There are many different uses for balance cushions. Loved by gym enthusiasts and therapists alike, they have also become popular amongst office workers looking to gain the benefits of active sitting. While they can be confused with balance boards, they work differently and are ideal for standing and balancing exercises, as well as strengthening your core while sitting.

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Why choose a balance cushion?

The balance cushions available on Physiosupplies have been carefully selected to inflate quickly and easily while providing you with the best and more effective exercise.

Choose a wedge cushion if you want to try active sitting or a wobble cushion if you want to improve your balance.

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Do wobble cushions work?

By standing on a wobble cushion, you will be building core strength while improving your balance. As they wobble while you use them, you’ll find that you adjust your movements to stay upright. It’s an effective exercise.


What are the different types of cushions?

A wobble cushion is a round disc that lies on the floor. Many are inflatable, allowing you to alter the difficulty to suit your needs. They are designed for standing on. For those struggling with arthritis, knee injuries, joint replacements, or sprains, a wobble cushion can help your body recover.


Seat wedges, sometimes called pelvic wedges, are wedge-shaped. They are designed to go on a chair, such as an office chair or a dining chair. While sitting on it, the user will find that their posture changes and they will have to work their muscles to stay upright. They are great for active sitting as they will trigger core muscles and increase the strength of their lower back.


How inflated should my balance cushion be?

The more inflated the wobble cushion is, the more difficult it will be to use. Deflating it slightly makes it easier, so if you are just starting out using one, you should deflate it a little and then add air in as your core strengthens to continually challenge it.


Do seat wedges help with back pain?

Yes. They adjust your posture so, instead of hunching over, your back will be more upright and stable. This can help to ease lower back pain over time, as well as alleviating Sciatic pain and Coccyx injuries.


How long can I use a cushion for?

Experts recommend sitting on wobble cushions for no more than half an hour at a time. You can use it at regular intervals throughout the day, but extended use at one time may not work as effectively.

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