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For those looking to stock up supplies for their physiotherapy business, couch rolls and paper products are a must. Paper products and couch rolls provide necessary protection not only for your physio furniture but also for your clients. They prevent scuff marks and help reduce the spread of viruses, as you can easily dispose of the products after use. These tools and products are effective at giving your clients a hygienic experience.

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Couch rolls for your Irish physio business

Here at Physiosupplies, we offer a variety of couch products and paper rolls for your business needs. If you need a couch wiper roll for your business, you can find it with ease to keep your space clean.

Paper products are as varied as your business is, so whether you are looking for hand towels or you need some protection for your couch, you’ll discover everything you need here.

Looking to stock up as soon as possible? Get next-day delivery when you order before 12pm.


How do you use couch rolls?

Couch rolls are designed to be extremely easy to use. They are placed at either end of the couch, with the other side of the roll then being pulled to the opposite end. These rolls typically have perforated sections to divide the roll evenly, so when you are finished you can easily tear off that section and discard it safely.


Are couch rolls reusable?

Couch rolls are not reusable. Paper couch rolls have been created to be disposed of, making your space more hygienic. While paper rolls can withstand some pressure, they are not as durable as reusable covers, as they are more likely to tear with extended use.


Why is it important to use a couch cover?

Yes. In medical and care environments, couch rolls can not only provide an additional level of hygiene, but they can also maintain professionalism. As you can easily roll out the paper over the couch and dispose of it after use, it shows that you take care of your clients and have their well-being at the centre of your attention.


Should I use a hand dryer or paper towels?

While many people prefer to dry their hands after washing with a hand dryer, experts suggest that paper towels are the most effective way to reduce the risk of contamination and slow the spread of viruses. Paper towels can be disposed of after use, which is an additional step to help protect the health of your clients.

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