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Physio Supplies Ireland’s hot/cold packs can be used in the early stage of a sports injury. By utilizing our hot and cold packs, you can relieve any significant pain, prevent swelling and further tissue damage following the initial injury. Our hot/cold packs are effective in ensuring that any sports injury is recovered speedily. Have a look through our selection and find the right injury product for you.

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Our hot and cold therapy products are enough to relieve any body pain following an injury. If you want to know our other options for pain relief and damage prevention, take a look at our compression products.


What does applying heat to an injury do?

Applying heat to an injury can relax and soothe the pain. This is especially true for tense and sore muscles, as the heat allows muscles to heal and recover properly.

This is due to increased blood flow. But, in addition to the increased blood flow that heat allows, heat therapy can also increase flexibility. This is a beneficial feature for athletes before physical or occupational therapy sessions.


When and why would you use a hot pack?

Heat is best used for non-inflammatory pain, stiffness, or soreness. Hot packs should also be used when pain is ongoing, as they can relieve pain quite easily.


How do cold packs help injuries?

Cold packs help injuries by decreasing the current inflammation in the area of injury while numbing the pain to help the recovery process.

The reason ice packs are used for certain injuries is their ability to reduce the swelling and pain felt within the specific damage. The cold pack can constrict blood vessels, decreasing circulation to the area of injury and help decrease the pain felt.


Can ice packs cause damage?

No, as long as you do not use extremely hot or cold items on your injury. This is because extremely hot or cold ice packs can apply blisters or frostbite, which are damages on the skin applied due to severe cold or severe high temperatures.

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