Shoulder Pulleys

Attempting to strengthen your shoulders can be challenging, especially if you are attempting to come back from an injury. Thankfully there are plenty of tools on the market to help you with this, and our range of shoulder pulleys might just be perfect for you. Easy to install and use, they often fit over a door so that you can take this exercise tool with you anywhere. Whether you want to improve your internal or external rotation, shoulder abduction, or shoulder flexion, shoulder pulleys in Ireland can help.

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Shoulder pulley exercises

Shoulder pulleys are a relatively simple exercise tool, but they are also incredibly effective. Designed so that they can attach to most doors, they can then be used from either a sitting or standing position. Your exercise pulley will be easy to use, providing you with the necessary resistance to build up strength in the shoulder. This is ideal after surgery or an injury to help you with rehabilitation.

There are a range of shoulder pulley exercises available, and your physiotherapist will be able to advise you on the right exercise for your needs. One popular exercise is to sit in a chair with your back to the door. With the pulley in each hand, you then raise one arm overhead while pulling the other arm down for resistance. Repeating this according to your physiotherapist will help to improve shoulder flexion.

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Do shoulder pulleys work?

Shoulder pulleys are excellent when you have shoulder pain or are recovering from surgery. They work as part of your physical therapy, improving the rotator cuff and shoulder range. This, in turn, can decrease the pain you feel and improve the overall function of your shoulder.


Can you use a pulley for frozen shoulder?

Pulleys are great for a number of injuries or strains, including frozen shoulder. When using a pulley for a frozen shoulder, you should make sure that the non-affected side is lifting the affected shoulder. This will help to improve motion in the shoulder.


How do you install a shoulder pulley?

How you install a shoulder pulley will depend on the type you have. Most physiotherapists are now opting for door pulleys, as they are easy to install and adjust depending on your needs. These pulleys simply fit over a door, with the shut door holding the equipment in place.


How do you use a shoulder pulley?

The right way to use a shoulder pulley will depend on a number of factors, including your injury, range of motion, and the desired outcome. Your physiotherapist will be able to advise on the right exercises to use, but most shoulder pulley systems can be used from either a sitting or standing position, making them extremely versatile to your needs.


Are shoulder pulley exercises effective?

Shoulder pulley exercises are very effective, especially if you are looking to improve mobility in one shoulder. Using your good shoulder, you can support the weakened one. This makes it easier to build up strength and motion without causing further problems.

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