Orthotics Additions

Orthotics can help relieve a number of pains, including foot, heel, ankle, leg, and back. These inserts are often customisable to give you the perfect fit. Orthotic additions can easily be placed onto the foot or into your shoes to provide you with the support you need. Heel raises, wedges, and toe shields are just some of the popular orthotic additions you can buy. Heel lifts can change the angle of your foot, reducing the pressure and strain on your back. At Physiosupplies, we offer a range of the best orthotics additions in Ireland to buy today.

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Choosing the heel lifts and toe protectors for you

Heel lifts are some of the most popular orthotic additions you can buy. Many are adjustable, allowing you to alter the level of support you receive. Many find that they help with Achilles tendonitis and with restricting the ankle joint movement when you need to stabilise after an injury. The variety of sizes make it easy to find what you are looking for.

You may decide that toe separators or bandages are better for your needs. We offer a range including silicone and gel toe shields and bandages. Toe protectors easily slide over the toe to help reduce friction and irritation and often come in one size. If you need more versatility, toe bandages may be better for you.

At Physiosupplies, we are proud to be 100% Irish owned and operated. Whatever your physio needs, you can find everything here, and we offer free delivery in Ireland on orders over €70. Place your order now!


What is the purpose of heel lifts?

Heel lifts help adjust any differences in leg length, which can lead to foot, knee, hip, leg, and back pain. By raising your heel up, your legs will be more in line with one another, helping to reduce stress and pressure on your body. They can be used throughout the recovery process after injury to reduce tension on the affected leg.


Should I use a heel lift?

If you have found that you suffer from foot, leg, knee, hip, or back pain as a result of different leg lengths, you may want to consider a heel lift. Your physiotherapist or other healthcare professional will be able to advise you on whether it is necessary, but many find that using a heel raiser can provide them with fast pain relief.


What are toe shields?

Sometimes referred to as toe covers or toe protectors, toe shields slide over painful toes to protect from friction and irritation. They are perfect for corns, hammertoes, or ingrown nails, as they prevent sensitive and tender skin from being touched by your socks and shoes.


Do toe protectors really work?

If your toe is being irritated or pained by corns or an ingrown nail, a toe protector can help a lot. These tubes slip over the toe in question, adding an additional layer of protection and preventing injuries from getting worse.


Can toe spreaders help with plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a common problem for runners and can lead to sharp stabbing pains in the feet. Toe spreaders can help to relieve the pain, as they improve the flow of blood to the feet, strengthen the muscles, and elongate shrunken tendons.

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