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Rehabilitation is a vital part of the recovery process. Building up your strength following an injury can help you get back on your feet and to your normal level of fitness. Our range of rehabilitation aids are designed for use at home to help speed up your recovery, with hand therapy tools, anti-chafe spray, canes, and neck traction units available. No matter what type of sports rehabilitation support you need, you’ll find it here at Physiosupplies.

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Rehabilitation support and hand therapy in Ireland

A popular tool to use at home are hand exercisers. Hand therapy tools are often small and extremely portable, making them perfect for home use. Grips and balls can help you build up strength in the hand again following an injury, and the variety of uses means that you can adjust your exercise regime to incorporate them with ease.

Need support when walking? Our range of walking canes and frames can help. Lightweight and sturdy, they provide vital support when walking and can help you move around after an injury or surgery. With prices starting from €14.99, you’ll find the right rehabilitation support for your needs.

As a 100% Irish-owned business, we here at Physiosupplies are proud to support Irish physiotherapists across the country. This is why we offer free delivery on all orders over €70 to help you stock up on the essentials for your clinic.


What is the difference between physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy helps patients to recover to a level that makes them comfortable and allows them to cope without any hindrance in their everyday life. Sports therapy has a greater focus on returning the patient to the physical condition that they need to be in to continue with a sporting activity of their choice.


What can hand therapy treat?

Hand therapy is useful for treating a range of injuries and conditions including but not limited to joint and ligament injuries, tendon injuries, tennis elbow, arthritis, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, finger, thumb, wrist, and elbow sprain and more.


What are the benefits of hand massagers?

Hand massagers can help to relieve pain from an injury or chronic illness by improving circulation. They are an extremely popular tool to use as they are extremely affordable and portable, so they can be used at home and at work with ease.


How do I know if my walking cane is right for me?

Many assume that all walking canes are made the same, but your cane may not be right for you. When standing upright, the can should reach the crease of your wrist. This gives you the best support when using it. You should bend your elbow when using the cane and use it on the side that is strongest.


Is traction good for your neck?

Neck traction units are useful for helping to relieve neck pain. Many units can be placed over a door or similar sturdy object to help support the neck and prevent problems when sleeping or moving.

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