Elasticated Adhesive Bandages (EAB)

Do you need adhesive bandages? Our elastic adhesive bandages in Ireland are produced with high-quality care, providing flexible support for any injuries. Our elastic adhesive bandages are both lightweight and can be used for a variety of medical tape utility. This utility can range from ankle taping to wrist taping. Browse our varied range of useful elasticated adhesive bandages below.

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Are you looking for other types of tape or bandages? We have a wide range of options to choose from. From tubular bandages to Kinesio tape, check out our selection.


How do you use adhesive bandages?

To apply an elastic adhesive badge anywhere on your body, you will need to do the following: Apply an anchor using the elastic adhesive badge, and place it onto the desired part of your body. Apply a second anchor using another adhesive layer onto the desired part.


How long is it safe to wear an elastic adhesive bandage?

It is best not to go over 1 - 2 days when wearing elastic bandages. This is because blood flow needs to increase within a targeted area to encourage healing and recovery. So when it comes to time, do not keep elastic bandages on for more than 48 hours.


How do you remove elastic adhesive bandages?

You should remove elastic adhesive bandages slowly and carefully, starting with the second anchor and making your way to the first anchor (as mentioned in the above question). An additional tip that we found to be a painless alternative is to utilize baby oil. Soaking the ends of each adhesive with oil and leaving it for a minute or two, will allow the adhesive to come off painlessly.

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