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Our exercise resistance bands come in varying colours which indicate their resistance level, allowing you to work your way through the different levels as you develop yourself. Exercise bands provide a host of different exercising options for your training regime, which can range from press-ups to leg squats. With our resistance band sets, you can gently work through a program, selecting the most suitable resistance level of your choice. With a variety of different strengths and length of bands, Physio Supplies Ireland’s set of exercise bands are perfect for those looking to advance their workout routine. Check out all of our exercise bands below now.

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Exercise Bands in Ireland

Interested in a different product? Physio Supplies Ireland provides a diverse range of exercise-support equipment that can improve your performance. From exercise tubes to loop bands, Physio Supplies has the right equipment for you.


Are resistance bands good for beginners?

Resistance bands are an alternative to weights and can be a confusing tool to use for beginners. However, for those wanting to try resistance bands, there is a range of benefits that can prove useful for beginners.

Firstly, they can add variety, not restricting those who want to start working out. Like dumbbells, they are also portable and easy to store, making them ideal for those who are on the go that wants to exercise.

Lastly, they simply are good for all fitness levels once you understand how to use them. In short, they are very good beginners. It is just a matter of understanding how they work.


How do I choose an exercise band?

You should consider several things when wanting to purchase exercise bands for training, from the difficulty to the material of each band.

To make things easier, you should try to buy a variety of bands (meaning buy different coloured ones). It is generally best to acquire at least three of each weight, three of light, three of medium and three of heavy.

You should also try and buy accessories along with the exercise bands. Accessories provide better ways to use bands and make certain exercises such as chest flies and seated rows much easier.


Are resistance bands better than weights?

Resistance bands and weights both have their advantages and can be a better option for specific people.

Training with resistance bands has several advantages, both for convenience and exercise. The fact that anyone can pick them up regardless of their level of fitness means that their versatility is one of its greatest advantages.

You are also less likely to get injured using resistance bands, compared to heavy dumbbells.

The advantages of weights, however, is the results and effects that you can acquire from them. With weights, you can control the exact resistance is not possible with the bands. Another benefit of weights is also the addition or subtraction of weight resistance.


What is the best workout with resistance bands?

Like with a lot of different exercise regimes, there is no “best” workout when it comes to resistance bands. Depending on what you want to work on, what level you are at and how much you can exercise, the ideal workout using resistance bands is the combination of different workouts.

If you are a beginner, start with lighter workouts that target different muscle groups (while using lighter resistance bands). So exercises such as squats to arm raises are ideal.


Can you build muscle with just resistance bands?

Yes. Resistance bands function to help you build muscles effectively. There are four things that your muscles need to grow: muscle adaptation, progressive overload, adequate recovery and tension. These factors are easily acquired using resistance bands, increasing your capacity for muscle growth.

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