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Physio Supplies Ireland, have two products in place, knee supports and calf supports. Our calf supports can help you recover from excessive pain related to splits and strains, allowing you to get your movement back as fast as possible. Our knee supports and braces can be used following knee surgery, knee rehabilitation and assistance for sports/running. The materials used in these products are designed to reduce pain effectively. Explore our wide range of knee and calf supports below.

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Quality Knee & Calf Supports

If you are looking for other types of supports, Physio Supplies Ireland currently holds other supports & braces, ranging from ankle & foot to shoulder supports.


Do calf supports work?

Calf supports provide pain relief and can speed up the healing of calf muscle injuries recently acquired. This is especially true with shin splints, as it causes a muscular imbalance, tension and pain to be felt at the front of the shin.

Calf supports compress the muscles to help ease tension and improve circulation, helping muscles recover faster from injury in addition.

If you are unsure of how calf supports work, contact us to get advice on how our equipment can help you with any calf or shin-related injuries.


Can I wear calf compression sleeves all day?

Ideally, calf compression sleeves should not be worn for more than 2 hours if you are going to remain inactive. This is due to the graduated compression that takes place when wearing a calf compression sleeve.

Graduated compression is designed to increase blood flow. However, due to the compression commonly stopping at the ankles, swelling may occur at the base of your ankles.

In summary, do not wear calf compression sleeves for more than 2 hours.


Is it OK to wear knee support all day?

Alternatively, knee supports and knee braces can be worn for longer periods depending on the type of activity you are currently doing, as well as the status of your recovery.

It is generally advisable to keep knee supports on while your knees or knee joints are healing, as taking them off can severely impair the recovery process.


Do knee braces help with knee pain?

Yes. Knee braces and other knee supports are designed to manage the discomfort of knee-related injuries, such as osteoarthritis.

Wearing a knee brace can also improve your ability to recover, allowing you to walk farther more comfortably than if you were wearing no type of support on your knees.

The braces reduce the pain by shifting your weight off the most damaged section of your knee, helping reduce pain by a significant margin.

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