Medical Training Aids & Clinical Models

Medical training models and devices are vital within the medical and healthcare fields. They are used by a number of professionals as teaching aids, helping trainee nurses and doctors further their understanding. The perfect tools for practice, students are able to clearly see their mistakes and learn from them without risks they would experience when practicing on a real patient. Here at Physiosupplies, we have a huge selection of the best medical training devices in Ireland.

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Medical training models in Ireland

The range of medical training devices are diverse, with many focused on examination, injection, or patient care. These tools are reusable, allowing you and your students to practice again and again.

Realism is vital in medical training devices, as this will help with the learning process. If you have any questions about which is right for you, contact our dedicated sales team for advice.

All orders within Ireland are shipped by 24-hour trackable courier, so you’ll know exactly where your order is at any time, giving you peace of mind.


What should I expect from an injection pad?

What your injection pad looks like will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but many follow the same breakdown. Most models will have a skin layer, a subcutaneous tissue layer, and a muscle layer. This is to help your students clearly see and feel what they need to know when giving an injection.


How do suture practice pads work?

Suture practice training pads are portable medical training devices to aid during suture practice. The artificial skin is designed to be realistic, giving the right simulation and feel of human skin. Many suture pads come with a cut or a gash in the skin so that your students may practice sutures.


Why use patient care manikins?

Physiotherapists, nurses, and other trainee medical professionals will find that patient care manikins are a great medical training model to use. With realistic moving joints made of a durable and washable PVC material, your students can practice a number of things, from punctures and injections to physiotherapy techniques.


Are medical training devices easy to clean?

Many medical training devices and models are designed to be easy to clean. Hygiene is an important standard to maintain, especially within the medical profession, and these tools help with that. Typically either from a washable and durable PVC or from another easy-to-clean material, they can be disinfected between uses with ease.

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