Arch Supports

Arch supports are shoe inserts that support the arch and diminish or eliminate pain. If you have sore feet you may find these will help but advice from a physio is always recommended.

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Arch Support Insoles

We have a range of great arch supports as simple arch only supports that can be inserted into any shoe or a full length fallen arches insoles with support built into it.



Do arch supports work?

Your arches support your entire body weight while you're standing or walking. They also play an important role in helping you propel forward when walking or running. They move with your other bones, tendons, and ligaments to create a spring-like action that moves you forward so if they aren't supported correctly they can cause pain.


What is the difference between orthotics and arch supports?

Many people don't know the difference between orthotics and basic arch support when it comes to orthopedic shoe inserts. One significant difference is that orthotics are made to address your whole foot's biomechanical problems or provide advanced arch support, whereas arch supports just focus on supporting your arch.


Do you really need arch support?

Regardless of your arch height, your feet do require arch support. Even flat feet need support. And unless your shoes are custom made, they won't have support built in. Adding insoles with arch support that matches the contours of your feet will make the difference in terms of comfort.


Do arch supports help back pain?

If you have lower back pain and a low or high arch, insoles are a relatively cheap and easy way to relieve your back pain. Wearing arch supports has proven to work in helping relieve back pain if low or fallen arches are the cause of the pain.


Do arch supports cure plantar fasciitis?

Certain people are more prone to developing plantar fasciitis than others, specifically people with flat feet and high arches. The most effective way to relieve plantar fasciitis pain and prevent it, is to keep your arches from flattening by adding firm arch support to your footwear.

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