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Clinical evaluation devices and products are used by physiotherapists and medical professionals to evaluate the condition of their patient. This gives them a marker to compare progress with. There are a range of different evaluation devices you can use depending on the needs of the client. Most of these devices are small enough to store away easily. At Physiosupplies, we want to offer you the largest selection of equipment to suit your needs, so shop our range of evaluation devices in Ireland today.

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Here at Physiosupplies, we have a variety of tools for you to choose from. Goniometers are perfect for physiotherapists looking to accurately measure the range of motion in a joint as a baseline to work from, while stethoscopes are essential in any medical setting.

We are proud of the collection of evaluation devices we have to offer you. As a 100% Irish owned business, we work hard to ensure that you have access to the best clinical devices for your business.

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What are medical evaluation devices?

Medical evaluations devices or tools is the name given to any products used to aid healthcare, physiotherapy, and medical professionals in their work. Typically, they are used to give the professionals a benchmark of your current condition and what can then be done to improve it.


Are goniometers accurate evaluation tools?

When used correctly, goniometers give an accurate reading of your current mobility range. This can then be used to help physiotherapists and other medical professionals create an effective plan for clients, with accurate data to compare progress to.


Why are medical evaluation products so important?

Medical evaluation products help medical and healthcare professionals get an accurate understanding of a patient’s condition. By utilising this data, they can then compare progress and ensure that the plan in place is working for the patient. If not, it can then be adjusted accordingly.

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