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Massage guns have become a huge trend in physiotherapy, they offer a deep tissue percussion massage and come with multiple massage heads. Extremely versatile and portable, the best massage guns can help to improve the range of motion following exercise, increase circulation to the muscles, and aid recovery after injury. If you want to know ‘do massage guns works?’, you are in the right place. At, our experts can help you find the right massage gun for you and give you advice on how best to use it.

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Massage Guns in Ireland

Massage guns are massage tools in a similar shape to a gun, allowing you to hold the equipment easily and target the problem area better. They have become increasingly popular throughout the years, as they enable the user to get the massage experience without the need for an appointment. They also help to reduce fatigue and tiredness in physiotherapists by providing them with the necessary tools to really work on the aching muscles for an extended period of time.

It is better for you to do your research on massage guns before you buy, as excessive use can lead to soreness, bruising, and potentially even further muscle damage when used incorrectly. If you have any questions, consult your physiotherapist for advice.

Got some questions about buying massage guns in Ireland? Our team are here to help. Contact us with your massage gun questions or for some honest and professional advice on the right massage gun to buy today.


Are massage guns worth it?

Do massage guns work? Yes. They are excellent tools for targeting problem areas and giving painful muscles the in-depth massage that they need. Are massage guns worth it? Also yes. With a variety of settings available and often with rechargeable batteries, they make the perfect portable tool to help give an intense but thorough massage.


Where shouldn’t you use a massage gun?

Massage guns should be used on muscles. Using them on nerves, bones, joints, and tendons can cause problems. Experts also recommend not using a massage gun on any broken skin or areas where there has been a recent bone fracture.


Is it safe to use a massage gun every day?

You can use a massage gun every day if you so desire, but most recommend using it after a workout or when feeling muscle soreness or pain, as this can help to relieve it. As long as you follow the recommended guidelines, you can use your massage gun every day.


How long do you use a massage gun for?

Physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals recommend using a massage gun for no longer than 15 minutes during a session, with 2 minutes spent on each muscle group at the maximum. You can repeat this multiple times a day, but excessive use can cause more problems, such as increased soreness.


Are massage guns safe?

As long as the massage guns are used correctly, they are safe for the general population. Using the massage gun for no more than 15 minutes in total is the best way to ensure you are using it correctly, as excessive use can lead to soreness, bruising, and muscle damage.

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