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Otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes are important tools for use during eye and ear exams. Both are handheld devices, used by specialists to look at the outer ear canal, eardrum, or the back of the eye, known as the fundus. These diagnostic devices are extremely useful for healthcare professionals in a range of specialisms, as they can help to identify potential problems in their patients. Shop the range at Physiosupplies to find the best in Ireland.

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Otoscopes are used during ear examinations to take a closer look at the outer ear canal and the eardrum. Using a light and a magnifying glass, the healthcare professional can examine the ear in detail, helping to see if there is a possible ear infection or a build-up of ear wax.

Another popular tool to use is the ophthalmoscope, also known as a fundoscope. This tool allows the specialist to look at the back of the eye and see the structures of the eye in detail. Sometimes, healthcare professionals will use the two tools in the same examination in order to get a thorough understanding of their patients and their needs.

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What is an otoscope used for?

Otoscopes are used to examine the outer ear canal and the eardrum. This can help to find built-up ear wax or identify a potential ear infection, while can have an impact on balance as well as other things. Giving your client a thorough examination gives you a clear idea of their overall health.


What can an otoscope diagnose?

Otoscopes, also known as pneumatic otoscopes, can be used to identify ear infections. By using this device, doctors can examine inside the ear to see if there is a build-up of fluid behind the eardrum. If so, this could be an indication of an ear infection.


What is an ophthalmoscope used for?

An ophthalmoscope allows a doctor to see the back of the eye and surrounding structures. As the tool has a magnifying glass and a light source in it, doctors can get a close look at the eye and find any potential problems easily.


What can an ophthalmoscope diagnose?

Ophthalmoscopes are used to examine the eye and check for eye diseases such as glaucoma. They can also be used to find retinal detachment, high blood pressure, diabetes and other things that can have an impact on the blood vessels.


What is the difference between ophthalmoscopy vs fundoscopy?

Ophthalmoscopy, also known as funduscopy or fundoscopy, is a test professionals use to examine the fundus or the back of the eye. While there are some differences between fundus photography and ophthalmoscopy, they perform very similar roles.

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