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Kinesio tape, otherwise known as kinesiology tape or K-tape, is your new best friend. The perfect tool to help you recover following an injury, K-tape helps to compress your injury and provide you with the support that you need. A firm favourite amongst Irish runners and weightlifters, it is easy to use and comes available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

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K tape available in Ireland

Physiotherapists around Ireland swear by kinesio tape. This highly elastic therapeutic tape can be used to support your muscles during exercise or provide much-needed relief to correct joint problems.

Whether you are looking for some pre-K-gel to improve adhesion or you are looking for the best kinesiology tape in Ireland, you’ll find everything you need here.

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What does kinesiology tape do?

Kinesiology tape is designed to adhere to your skin to provide support to injuries. When used correctly, it can reduce swelling and help to speed up your recovery. Many fitness fanatics will use the tape during workouts to help increase their mobility and ensure continued support to their joints and muscles.


How long should I use K-tape?

K-tape has been created to stay on for several days to provide you with the best-continued support. After just a few hours of wear, the tape should be fixed to the skin and be secure. Experts recommend changing the tape should the bond start to wear away, as typically tape will last for 3-4 days on average.


Does the colour of kinesio tape mean anything?

Kinesio tape is available in a variety of colours, but there is no specific meaning to each colour. You might choose a colour to represent your team when you’re on the football pitch, or you might opt for a beige coloured tape for minimal visibility.


Is K-tape reusable?

Since K-tape relies on a strong adhesion to the skin to be effective, it is advisable to not reuse the tape. Reusing tape can mean that it doesn’t stick as firmly to your skin, and so you won’t have as good support. As K-tape is available in a variety of lengths and rolls, you should replace the tape when it starts to lose its stickiness.


Should I keep my kinesiology tape out of the water?

One of the benefits of using kinesiology tape is that it is designed for long wear. This means that many brands of tape are water-resistant or waterproof. You will need to check individual brands for details, but most tape still works well if allowed to air dry or if it is patted dry with a towel.

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