Anatomical Models & Skeletons

Anatomical models and skeletons are essential for anyone training or working within the medical field. They are common sights within physiotherapists and doctors offices, providing an accurate image of the human body, as well as specific joints and organs. Available in a variety of sizes, no matter your area of expertise, you are sure to find the perfect training tool for you. Here at Physiosupplies, we offer a huge range of anatomical skeletons and models for you to buy in Ireland right now.

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Find anatomical models & skeletons in Ireland

We are proud of the extensive range of anatomical models we have on offer, from head models to foot skeletons. A key part of the range is the brand 66fit, recognised globally for their focus on helping you achieve true fitness.

All of our products are designed to be washable, helping you to maintain the highest of hygiene standards in your workplace. They are the perfect tools for helping students and experts alike gain a greater understanding of the human body and its mysteries.

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What are anatomical models made of?

Anatomical models can be made of different materials, but many are made from washable PVC. They are hard-wearing, designed to withstand the pulling apart and putting together than anatomical models come to expect. Using washable PVC also makes them easy to clean. For medical professionals, this allows them to maintain the highest hygiene standards throughout training.


Why are anatomical skeletons useful?

Essential in training and development, anatomical skeletons allow students and professionals to enhance their understanding. Many organisations do not have the funds or space for real-life examples, and so anatomy education instead features anatomical skeletons and accurate 3D models.


Who are anatomical skeletons used by?

There are a diverse number of uses for anatomical skeletons and acupuncture models. Physiotherapists and other professionals may keep them to refresh their knowledge. They are also common sights in classrooms for training medical and nursing students. The number of professions that use anatomical models is diverse, including dentists and optometrists.


What can acupuncture treat?

Seen as complementary or alternative medicine, acupuncture can be used to treat discomfort as a result of diseases and illnesses. It is also used in the treatment of pain, with many turning to acupuncture to resolve chronic migraines and tension headaches, or to help them overcome postoperative pain.

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