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Neck supports come in a range of designs, from neck support collars to braces. They are temporary devices to help relieve neck pain and allow the neck to heal. Neck support collars are designed to decrease the motion of the neck and prevent further injury without feeling uncomfortable. Many physiotherapists will recommend them as a temporary solution or to provide some support to the spinal cord.

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The best neck support collars in Ireland

The wide variety of designs for neck supports makes it easy for you to find the right one. While some come in a standard size, others are adjustable to suit your needs and provide greater support to your neck and spinal cord following injury or pain.

Neck support collars are some of the most popular to use, as they are extremely easy to fit. They simply fasten around the neck and are adjustable, allowing you to get the fit you need. They provide full support, allowing you or your patient to heal properly.

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Do neck supports really work?

Neck supports are designed to provide short-term relief following injury or strain. They reduce the movement of the neck and the muscles there, helping your body to heal. They can also deliver support to the spinal cord and prevent further injuries. However, many physiotherapists and other experts do not recommend using them as a long-term solution.


What are neck supports called?

Neck supports go by many different names. They can be referred to as neck braces, neck support collars, cervical collars, or simply neck collars. They all work in a similar way, but there may be slight differences in design from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Should I use a neck support collar for neck pain?

If you are struggling with neck pain, a support collar can help. It allows your neck to heal by reducing motion, relieving the pain. It is important to wear the brace correctly, as an uncomfortable or ill-fitted brace can cause more problems.


How long should I wear a neck support collar?

How long you should wear a neck support collar depends on the injury, but many physiotherapists will suggest a period of twelve weeks in order to ensure that your body has completed healed. As the neck is such a vital part of the body, it is better to provide support for longer to reduce the risk of complications.


What should I do if my neck brace is uncomfortable?

Your neck brace should not be uncomfortable. If it is, it may not be fitted correctly. Speak to your physiotherapist to get the collar adjusted, and make sure that your skin is dry before fitting it. Having wet or sweaty skin can cause a lot of irritation.

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