Consumables are vital for any clinical environment or physiotherapy office. These disposable items such as couch rolls, medical-grade masks, and aprons ensure your patients have the high level of care that they have come to expect from you. By reducing the risk of contamination and infection, your patients will be happier and healthier. At Physiosupplies, we offer a range of PPE in Ireland and other consumables for physiotherapy clinics. Shop the range below or contact us with your queries.

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PPE gear and hand sanitiser in Ireland

The importance of PPE gear has increased tenfold over the last few years, and here at Physiosupplies, we stock a huge range for you. Our PPE consumables, including medical gloves and aprons, will enable you to maintain a clean and clinical environment. We also offer a range of medical-grade masks to keep you and your patients safe.

If you need covers for your medical couch or massage table, we have a range available for a variety of tables. We also offer paper couch wiper rolls to add an additional barrier of protection between your client and your bed to maintain a clean environment.

At Physiosupplies, we offer free delivery on all orders over €70. Stock up on all of the essentials and we’ll do the rest! Place your order today to get free shipping when you spend €70.


What are medical consumables?

Medical consumables are items used temporarily when treating a patient to help reduce the risk of infection or contamination. Dressings, surgical supplies, gloves, aprons, wipes, and masks all fall under this category.


What does PPE stand for?

PPE stands for personal protective equipment and is used to refer to equipment worn to minimise exposure to potential hazards and infections. It has grown exceedingly popular within the last few years but has always been commonplace within medical and clinical environments.


What are medical gloves called?

Medical gloves are known by a number of other names, though primarily vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves. Vinyl tends to be used for low-risk, general procedures, while latex and nitrile are used for higher-risk situations typically involving bodily fluids.


How often should you change disposable gloves?

Disposable gloves or medical gloves are designed to be changed regularly in order to reduce the risk of infection and contamination. Experts recommend washing your hands and using a new pair of gloves after 4 hours of continuous use.


What is a disposable apron?

A disposable apron is typically made of polythene and is used to create a protective barrier between skin and clothing against spills. Often used within healthcare environments and clinical settings, they maintain health and hygiene standards by reducing the risk of contamination. They are designed to be worn once before being disposed of.

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