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Exercise balls come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they make for the perfect addition to your exercise routine. From weighted and medicine balls to inflatable exercise and gym balls, you’ll find everything you need available in Ireland today. Gym balls are excellent for improving your posture and core strength, increasing flexibility through yoga and Pilates, and speeding up your rehabilitation.

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Our exercise balls are of the highest quality so that you can feel reassured that your workout won’t be interrupted by equipment problems, with anti-burst gym balls available.

Many of the inflatable balls can be deflated with ease, making them easy to store when you aren’t using them. The variety of sizes available means that you can add the essentials to your home gym without taking up too much space, such as speed reaction balls, which are easy to store.

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Are exercise balls good?

The diverse uses of exercise balls make them the perfect addition to your home gym. There are many benefits of using gym balls, from increasing your flexibility and improving posture to helping speed up your recovery and rehabilitation.


How long should I sit on an exercise ball?

Many remote workers have found that using a gym ball is a great way to work on their posture and improve their balance. However, using a ball for an extended period of time can lead to discomfort and even pain. Experts recommend sitting on an exercise ball for no longer than thirty minutes at a time.


What size gym ball do I need?

The sizes of gym balls tend to be standardised, but your height can make it challenging to find the right one for you. Small sizes (55cm) are best for anyone 5’0” to 5’5”, medium sizes (65cm) are good for those 5’6” to 5’11, and large sizes are perfect for taller individuals from 6’0” to 6’3”.


What do pilates soft balls do?

Soft balls are popular additions to Pilates workouts, as they can increase your stability during workouts and help to improve your posture throughout exercises. Pilates balls have been found to stimulate the smaller muscles in your core, helping to keep your body stable during exercise classes.


Are weighted balls right for me?

Weighted balls, otherwise known as medicine balls, are ideal for beginners to weight training and experts alike. Many find that weighted balls give them more focus during a workout, and they are often easier to store away than kettlebells.

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