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Inflatable mattresses, also known as pressure mattresses, are an excellent investment for those suffering from pressure sores. They deliver support from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, taking the pressure off of any sore points on the body. Easy to use and install on any bed, they are perfect for anyone recovering from surgery to eliminate pressure sores. If you are looking for the right air mattress in Ireland, we can help. Here at Physiosupplies we stock a range of pressure mattresses to suit your needs.

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Pressure and air mattresses in Ireland

When it comes to pressure mattresses, there are a few different options. Traditional air mattresses have constant levels of inflation, while pressure mattresses offer alternate inflation. This helps to relieve the pressure on your body, preventing sores and reducing pain while recovering from surgery. They are easy to install, with hooks to fix it to your bed frame, and most are a single air mattress to make securing to a bed easier.

There are two varieties you can choose from. The type with bubbles on A-B lines provide alternating inflation in different spots, while still providing support. This makes it ideal for those with pressure sores all over the body. The tubular pressure mattress comes with a fast air release value and is made from heavy-duty PVC, making it ideal for use after surgery.

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Can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?

Traditional air mattresses don’t provide the support required for your body. However, medical air mattresses are good for relieving pressure on sore areas, so your physiotherapist can recommend how long you use it for. With a good pressure mattress, the alternating inflation will make it an excellent choice to sleep on following recovery from surgery.


When should I stop filling my air mattress?

How inflated the air mattress should be depends on your needs. You should fill the mattress with enough air that you can comfortably lie on it and have support over your entire body, without over-inflating it. There should be some give in the mattress to accommodate your body.


How long does a pressure mattress last?

Depending on the use and care, a good pressure mattress can last up to 15 years, though most state that 8 years is the optimal length to expect your mattress to last. Make sure the mattress has been correctly deflated and stored between uses to get the most out of it.


Is an air bed good for bed sores?

Air Beds are excellent for bed sores. Pressure mattresses have been designed to inflate in alternative ways so that the entire bed isn’t inflated. This means that your body has the chance to recover from pressure sores while still being supported as you sleep.


What blow up mattress is best for pressure relief?

Specially designed pressure mattresses are good for relieving pressure on the body. If you are recovering from surgery or you suffer from pressure sores, these mattresses can be fitted to your bed frame with ease. They inflate alternatively and can be adjusted to suit your needs with ease.

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