Yoga Socks

Yoga Socks or Pilates Socks are specialized socks designed for use during yoga practice. They are crafted with specific features to enhance comfort, stability, and hygiene while participating in yoga sessions.

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Choosing your Socks

The yoga socks we offer on Physiosupplies come in a variety of styles and designs. We have ones with individual toes and ones with a regular sock design. They have different strap designs for holding them in place too.

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Are yoga socks a good idea?

Yoga socks help to keep the skin clean and avoid exposure. Some yoga classes are held outside which means you would need to protect your feet from any dirt, debris, sharp stones, sticks and other objects which may be lying on the ground. They also offer grip on slippery indoor floors.


What kind of socks to wear for yoga?

Our socks are called grip Socks or Non Slip Socks. These types of socks also cover the feet, making them one of the most common in any yoga studio. Non slip socks are excellent for poses that require stability. Some of the positions these socks will help with are the Bridge Pose, Warrior Pose, and the Downward Dog Pose.


Can you use Pilates socks for yoga?

Yes. Yoga socks and Pilates socks are really the same thing offering good grip and protection for your feet.


Why are yoga socks toeless?

A toeless sock allows for better tactile feel and helps to improve balance and stability. Our sock designs have individual toes so you get the same movement and freedom but your toes won't get dirty or cold.


What should I wear on my feet for yoga?

While you may want to wear your shoes to the gym or studio, your bare feet would be better, but our yoga socks are designed to mimic barefeet with good grip, warmth and protection.

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