Waterproof Cast Covers

Waterproof cast covers / protectors are the easy way to keep water off your cast or bandages while you shower, take a bath or play. Our Hemmka Health cast covers are designed to fit over your cast and fasten with a watertight seal. They are a long plastic sleeve that can slide over an arm or leg cast. The opening has a plastic or neoprene gasket that fits tightly against the skin to keep water out. We have various sizes and shapes to fit Adults, Children, Arms, Legs, Feet, Hands and IV's.

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High Quality Waterproof Cast Covers in Ireland. All in stock for next day delivery.


What do you cover a cast with?

You can try various DIY options like plastic bags and duct tape but they tend to leak. Our Hemmka Health cast covers are much more effective at keeping your cast or bandage dry and they are very comfortable with a soft neoprene seal that is easy to put on and take off.

Do cast covers work?

Yes, a waterproof cast cover can make bathing with a traditional fiberglass or plaster cast easier because it is very easy to cover and protect your cast. Our Hemmka Health Cast Covers create a secure waterproof seal that won’t cut off circulation. Perfect for everyday showering. However, you still should try to avoid fully submerging your cast, even with a waterproof cover.

Do shower cast covers really work?

Yes, our Hemmka Health cast covers are very effective. As a user, you have to ensure you get the right size for you, put it on correctly, and use it as recommended.

How do I cover my arm cast in the shower?

You can use our Hemmka Health Water Tight Cast & Bandage Protectors which have been specifically designed to keep bandages and casts dry while showering, bathing or swimming. The easy-to-use protector achieves a water tight seal and is available in numerous sizes and styles.

Can you swim with a waterproof cast cover?

Waterproof cast liners allow you to bathe, shower, and even swim while wearing a fiberglass cast as long as it seals properly above the cast.

How can I make my cast waterproof?

Using one of our Hemmka Health Waterproof Cast Covers is your easiest and best option. Our cast covers fit over your cast and fasten with a watertight seal.

What happens if a cast gets wet inside?

A wet cast can lead to skin irritation and / or infection. Plaster casts and fiberglass casts with conventional padding aren't waterproof. Keep your child's cast dry during baths or showers by covering it with one of our Pediatric Cast Covers.

How do you cover a leg cast in the shower?

We would suggest you use one of our Hemmka Health Leg Cast Covers.

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