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Fitness mats, gym mats and yoga mats are staples in every home gym, fitness class, and yoga studio. These colourful and durable mats help you as you exercise. Non-slip, they lie on the floor and keep you steady so you can have a fun and safe workout. The variety of gym mats you can buy mean that you can match your personality to your mat. Choose the perfect yoga mat for your workout here at Physiosupplies, whether you need a yoga or an exercise mat.

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The best exercise mats in Ireland

All our fitness mats, gym mats and yoga mat options are non-slip, allowing you to get on with your workout without risking a slip or fall.

Easy to clean and store, you can wipe down your mat after a workout and carry it easily to and from the gym. Perfect for intense exercise or improving your flexibility with yoga.

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Why use fitness mats?

Exercise mats are padded and provide you with a comfortable surface to workout on. They are designed to be non-slip, keeping you stable during a workout to help prevent injuries. For those who enjoy classes at the gym, they also give you a dedicated space in which to work.


What materials are fitness mats made from?

The materials used to make fitness mats vary depending on the exercise and whether they are intended for indoor or outdoor use. They can be made from high-quality EVA, closed-cell PVC with vinyl covers, cotton, mesh, rubber, foam, or cork. Most brands will choose materials that are anti-slip, resistant, and anti-bacterial.


How do I clean an exercise mat?

You should clean your mat once a month for general use or once a week with regular use. Cleaning the mat itself is easy. Some companies have sprays to disinfect mats, but you can also use a little washing-up liquid and warm water. There are some fitness mats that can be machine washed but always check the label first.


What is the difference between a yoga mat and gym mats?

Yoga mats and pilates mats tend to be thinner with a non-slip surface. Although they are not heavily cushioned, they have enough padding to protect you as you work out. Exercise mats, often called gym mats, are thicker to protect your body and the floor while doing body-weight exercises and floor-based workouts. The thickness of the mats helps to prevent injury in case of a fall.


What are interlocking mats?

For those looking to add padding to their training room, dojo, or gym, interlocking mats are the perfect solution. These padded tiles can be spread across the floor and cover a wide area. Designed to fit together like jigsaw pieces, you can use them to fill the space you need with ease.

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