Our range of surface disinfection wipes, sprays and cleaners help maintain a safe working environment with excellent infection control standards for any physiotherapy clinic.

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We have a wide range of anti-bacterial wipes, sprays, lotions and cleaners, perfect for any clinic setting. All orders from Physiosupplies are tracked via 24-hour courier. 


What is the difference between disinfecting and sanitizing wipes?

Sanitizing kills bacteria on surfaces using chemicals, it is not intended to kill viruses. Disinfecting kills both viruses and bacteria on surfaces using chemicals.


What are disinfectant wipes used for?

They can be used to remove dirt and clean different types of surfaces, including your desk, and computer etc. They are much more convenient than cleaning by spraying and wiping with a rag. Disinfecting wipes are specially formulated to clean multiple surfaces.


Which is stronger sanitizer or disinfectant?

Sanitizing is done with weaker bleach solutions or sanitizing sprays. You should clean surfaces before you sanitize them. Disinfecting kills most germs on surfaces and objects. Disinfecting is done with stronger bleach solutions or chemicals and doesn’t usually require cleaning beforehand.


What is an anti bacterial wipe?

Anti-bacterial wipes are moist towelettes that contain a sanitizing or disinfecting formula that kill or reduce germs on surfaces and skin. They are usually packaged in convenient containers designed to easily allow the use of one wipe at a time.


Are alcohol free wipes better?

The advantage of alcohol free wipes is the longer protection time. The sanitising effect of alcohol-based wipes diminishes once the alcohol has evaporated, whereas alcohol free biocide wipes continue to provide protection long after the solution has dried.

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