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Shoulder aches can happen as a result of sports-related injuries or an accident at work. It is important to properly take care of your shoulder in these situations, as further injuries and damage can occur. This is why shoulder supports are such a vital tool to use. These braces and supports can stabilise the joint, allow for a controlled range of motion, and prevent additional damage from being done. You want to be at your best, and here at Physiosupplies, we stock a huge range of sports shoulder supports.

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The best shoulder supports and braces

With any injury, it is important to immobilise the joint as much as possible. This is why shoulder supports and arm slings are some of our best selling products. They not only stabilise the joint but also allow additional support to ensure a controlled range of motion. By minimising the movement of the shoulder, your body has the chance to recover while you rest. Some slings can also be worn during activity as part of your rehabilitation.

One of the best things about shoulder braces is that they can be worn either under or over clothing, depending on your preferences. The material is often non-stretch cotton with adjustable straps, so you can create a secure fit without it being too tight. It means that you get the perfect level of support and comfort while you recover.

With over 12 years of experience, here at Physiosupplies, we have the expertise you need. We are proud to be 100% Irish owned and sell directly to consumers as well as clinics across Ireland. Need some advice? We are available 24/7 to answer your questions, so contact us now.


Do shoulder supports really work?

Yes. Shoulder supports help to stabilise the joint by reducing mobility. By allowing a controlled range of motion, the risk of dislocation is significantly decreased, ensuring that you won’t have further pain and injury to the joint. Using a shoulder brace can help speed up your recovery.


What are the most common shoulder injuries?

There are a number of common shoulder injuries. Dislocation, rotator cuff tears, separations, fractures, muscle strains, frozen shoulder, cartilage tears are some of the most common. While many tend to associate shoulder injuries with sports, they can happen at any time from simply rotating the shoulder too far.


How long should I wear a shoulder brace for?

Many healthcare professionals recommend wearing a shoulder brace all the time in order to ensure your body has the right support it needs. The exception is when showering. Until you wear a shoulder brace, you may not recognise just how much you move your shoulder. By immobilising it, you can prevent further injuries and allow the joint to heal.


How long should my shoulder injury take to heal?

The length of time that your shoulder needs to heal will depend on the severity of the injury. Moderate strains and sprains may take between 6- and 8-weeks, while severe can take up to 5-months of rehabilitation to get back to the full range of motion.


How should I use a shoulder brace for posture?

Posture braces, otherwise known as posture supports, are for wearing while working, sitting, or doing low-impact activities. They are designed to help bring your shoulders back and correct your posture. These posture correctors can work effectively when worn in the correct way, but it is important to wear them in moderation. Excessive use can cause your body to rely on them and so they can lose their effectiveness.

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