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Browse our wide range of back supports, for a variety of back support equipment. Physio Supplies Ireland’s back supports can help alleviate mid to lower back pain, providing you with an easier recovery and pain relief from back strains, sprains and other back conditions such as sciatica. Explore our range back supports below.

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Quality Back Supports in Ireland

From lower back supports to back and waist supports, Physio Supplies can guarantee ideal back supports to help you with back pain. For any other equipment to support other body pains, take a look at our orthotics and walkers/cast products.


Is it OK to wear back support all day?

It’s important to understand that back braces are made to help you alleviate your back pain. However, relying on this equipment every minute of every day is usually not recommended.

It is not the equipment that can cure back pain overall, but it is something that can help on several levels. It decreases the chances of further injury and can help you move better.

Relying on back support by wearing it all day will provide a misconception that this will be enough to cure your back pain, which is simply a myth. You will need to seek medical advice from your physician on what exercises and types of movements you must do to help heal your back pain.


Can you sleep with back support on?

When wearing a back support, it’s important to understand that it should be a short-term solution for pain relief.

You should only sleep with back support on occasions where the pain is unbearable. The short-term relief that back supports provide can help with the pain, but ensure that you don’t consistently wear the back brace.


How tight should a back brace be?

Caring for your brace is essential as it also has the potential to cause more damage than help (if maintained incorrectly).

To make sure your brace is at the optimum space for tightness, ensure that you can move appropriately, you are eating and breathing without difficulty, and you are comfortable with the tightness of your back brace.

If any of these signs are showing, call your doctor and have your braces adjusted.


What is the fastest remedy for back pain?

There are a lot of ways you can remedy back pain, and the most common answer (and effective solution without equipment) is exercising. Particularly, an exercise that can target back muscles, such as swimming, yoga or even running can drastically reduce back pain on a long-term basis.

To help your back recover from any history of back pain, check out our products for back pain relief!

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