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Three different colours of slippers to choose from. 


What is considered a nursing shoe?

Nurse shoes are usually slip-resistant or non-slip, and water-resistant to repel liquids. They are breathable with a good amount of cushioning for stasnding all day and with a roomy enough toe box to allow for feet to expand. Also sometime sharps resistant to protect vulnerable feet from needles and other sharp objects


Do nurses need special shoes?

Not always but constant standing and loading weight on their feet make nurses susceptible to various foot health issues, so it's advisable to go for comfortable shoes that have a thick-enough supportive sole. It's also important to have good arch support for stabilizing the foot and ankle since you will be walking and standing all day.


What shoes should a student nurse wear?

Nursing shoes with slip-resistant soles are the perfect choice. They are comfortable enough for students to wear all day, and they will help keep you safe and stylish while learning on the job. As a student nurse, you are constantly on your feet. You need a shoe that is comfortable, slip-resistant, and stylish.


Why do nurses wear slippers?

Clogs are popular with nurses for many reasons, including the fact that they're very comfortable, supportive, and easy to wear for long shifts. These closed-toe shoes also protect the feet from injuries and are easy to clean, which is vital in hospital and clinic environments.

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