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Our selection of orthotics and supports are designed to allow you to move with ease and reduce pain or irritation. Ideal for sports injuries, for painful joints, or for simply providing effective support for your feet or any other part of your body. From wrist supports to orthotic shields, we have the right injury support for you. Have a look at our wide range of body supports and orthotics in Ireland now.

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We provide effective support products for any injury-related conditions. Interested in more products like this? Check out our injury therapy products now.


What do orthotics do?

Orthotics are a type of medical device that someone can wear inside of their shoes to help alleviate any foot pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. In addition to this, orthotics can also help correct biomechanical foot issues. These issues are usually connected to how you stand, walk or even run.


Should I wear orthotics all the time?

This will have to be a decision made with your podiatrist. In general, if your podiatrist recommends that you wear them on a daily and regular basis, then it is best to follow this advice as it will be the best option for your current foot injury (if you have one). Neglecting wearing orthotics can worsen your injury.


What are the 3 types of injury?

Acute, overuse, and chronic. Acute injuries are sudden and overwhelming injuries that result from high-impact physical activity. Overuse injuries are any types of muscle or joint injury which is caused by repetitive trauma. Chronic injuries are health problems that can slowly develop and last a long time.

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