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We have a nice range of Lumbar and back cushion supports to help prevent back pain and provide support while you are driving or sitting all day at work.
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Back Support Cushion

D roll cushions, otherwise known as lumbar rolls or lumbar support cushions, are designed to sit against the lower back. These uniquely shaped cushions help to alleviate back and neck pain by providing support to the spine and correcting bad posture when sitting.


What happens if you don't have lumbar support?

Without lumbar back support, it's more difficult to maintain correct posture and the lumbar spine and large muscles in the lower back have to work harder to support proper curvature and alignment.


What are D rolls?

The D-Shaped Lumbar Roll is a high quality foam lumbar support cushion for use while sitting or driving. The lumbar roll's D-shape ensures you have correct lumbar posture while sitting.


How thick should a back cushion be?

Usually it’s recommended to be about 12 – 18cm thick

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