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Supports and braces are the perfect way to help alleviate aches and pains in your body. Wrist and hand supports provide you with the necessary relief to speed up recovery, whether from a trip or fall or through repetitive strain injury. The injury you have will change the type of support you need. Here at Physiosupplies, we have braces for all of your needs, from wrist supports to finger braces and thumb splints.

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The best wrist & hand supports in Ireland

Our hand and wrist braces have all been carefully selected for their high quality, ensuring your body gets the support it needs.

Help ease carpal tunnel symptoms with a wrist support or ease a broken finger with a sports finger brace splint.

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How do wrist braces work?

Braces immobilise the joint and keep the injured part of your body in a straight, neutral position. They can also speed up recovery by compressing the ligaments and bones. If you’ve ever had the misfortune to suffer from an injury, you’ll be familiar with RICE - rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Many sports people will use supports as part of their RICE routine to get the compression they need and get themselves back on track.


What are the different types of supports?

For carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist supports can make all the difference. They stabilise your wrist and allow you to continue as normal. Many sufferers will continue wearing the brace during the day, especially during activities that trigger flare-ups, such as typing on a computer. These braces wrap around the wrist and hook over the thumb to ensure stability.

Thumb injuries can take a long time to heal, especially if not treated properly. Thumb splints can rapidly reduce the healing duration and prevent further injuries by immobilising the digit. These supports go over the thumb and wrap around the wrist to keep your thumb steady.

A finger brace is often used to treat strains, sprains, and breaks by supporting and protecting the digit from further injuries. By stopping movement in the finger, you can speed up recovery, and these braces slip easily onto the finger so that you can remove it without any difficulties.


How often should I wear a brace?

Most suffering with a sprain will find that wearing a support during difficult tasks or when they are likely to jolt the injury is the best time. If you know that you will be relatively active and may make your injury worse, a brace can help to prevent further problems.


How long should I wear my support for?

Your health care professional will be able to provide you with further guidance. Many experts suggest that wearing a brace for 1-2 hours at a time at first, and gradually building up the length of time over a few days, can help your body to adjust.


Can I wear my wrist brace at night?

Your doctor can provide you with further information on whether wearing a brace at night will work for you. A study in 2012 found that using a wrist brace at night did more to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome than using no treatment at all.

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