The word Commode derives from the French word for “convenient” or “suitable.” Later on, “commode” or sometimes spelled incorrectly as Comode was used to mean a particular type of cabinet that held chamber pots. And gradually it evolved to refer to a piece of wooden chair-like furniture that held the chamber pot, so it's basically a mobile toilet.

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Choosing your Commode


We have two Commode Chair options available. A basic standard version and a luxury version which has wheels so it's easier to move around and a fabric backing which is more comfortable while sitting on it.

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What is the point of a commode?

The primary purpose of a commode is to provide an alternative to using a toilet for people who can't get to a bathroom or can't sit on a toilet.


What is the difference between a toilet and a commode?

A toilet is a permanent fixture in your bathroom that is hooked up to the building's plumbing. Toilets are filled with water and can be flushed after use. A Commode Chair is not hooked up to plumbing and can be used anywhere. Rather than being flushed, commodes must be cleaned after use.


Who uses a commode chair?

A commode chair, known simply as a commode is a type of chair used by someone who needs help going to the toilet due to illness, injury or disability. A commode chair sometimes has wheels to allow easy transport to the bathroom or shower. Commode chairs placed by the bed can help if you cannot walk to the toilet. These chairs have a built-in toilet pan and are suitable for patients who can get out of bed but have limited ability to walk to the toilet.


Do you put water in a commode?

Before using the Commode make sure the container is under the seat. Put a small amount of water in the container before it is used. This makes it easier to clean the container later. Help the person out of bed and onto the commode chair.


How do you empty a commode?

Fortunately, our commodes are built with easy access to the bucket, allowing you to freely remove it. All you need to do is release it from the commode, carefully pick it up and pour away the waste down a regular toilet. You should then thoroughly clean it before reattaching it to the commode.

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