TENS Machines

Our TENS machine units are made with reliable technological implementations and reliable materials used. Physio Supplies Ireland’s TENS machine units are used by patients and health care practitioners in Ireland and provide pain relief by stimulating the sensory nerves. Alternatively, the body’s natural pain-control mechanism is stimulated by the TENS machine unit, by making the body release its pain easers called beta-endorphins. Take a look at our TENS machine products below. Ask your physician or health care provider for more details on this type of electrotherapy equipment.

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TENS Machines in Ireland

Our TENS machines in Ireland are useful for a variety of pain-relieving methods. TENS units work by sending small electrical pulses through the skin via electrodes, straight to the underlying peripheral nerves. The electrical activity blocks the pain signal travelling to the brain, allowing the brain to essentially “block” the feeling of pain.

At Physio Supplies Ireland, we have a wide variety of electrotherapy machines to choose from, helping you with your medical treatment.

NOTE: Although it is recommended that you should seek advice from your doctor before deciding to purchase one.


Can a TENS unit be harmful?

For most people, TENS units are safe to utilize. TENS machines produce small amounts of electricity applied on the skin, which can cause feelings of discomfort. There are also cases where people are allergic to the adhesive pads used to apply the TENS unit to the skin, but this is usually a rare occurrence.

Always seek advice if you are unsure about the severity of TENS units. So if you are pregnant, have epilepsy or a heart problem, it is important to make sure it is safe for you to use.


Where should you put the TENS machine unit?

TENS machine unit placement depends entirely on the severity of pain. When you have pain that extends to long distances in your body, for example behind your head to your lower back, you should place twos vertically: at the top and bottom of the pain felt. For more focused areas, pads should be placed at each side of the outlined pain.

Some general tips when placing TENS units on your body; ensure the pads never touch, with at least one inch apart. The bigger the distance, the more effective the units become.

Secondly, do not place the units above any joints. The movement from joints can change the adherence of the pad.


Are there any side effects of TENS units?

As mentioned before, TENS machine units are usually safe for most people. Any side effects that could be presented from TENS units are also usually quite tame and avoidable.

There may be a chance for redness and allergies to develop when those allergic to the adhesive material on TENS units wear the items.


How often can I use a TENS unit?

There are no limitations on how often you can use TENS units. You can use TENS for as long and as often as you like.

However, there are some exceptions to the usage. If you are driving, operating any type of machinery or bathing/showering, you shouldn’t use TENS units at all.

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