Portable Treatment Tables & Massage Tables

Portable tables are perfect for professionals on the move. Lightweight and simplistic in their design, they are easy to fold, store, and carry, giving you the chance to take your skills directly to your clients. They give your business greater mobility as they are easy and quick to set up. Many come with a storage bag with straps so that you can take your portable table to where it is needed.

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Choosing the right portable treatment table

At Physiosupplies we have carefully selected tables that are lightweight, stable and strong. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your business can deliver the same level of exceptional service without compromise.

We have a range of portable tables available including massage tables and treatment tables.

At Physiosupplies we are offering free delivery on orders over €70, so why not enhance your business with this essential item?


What makes a good treatment table?

When looking for a treatment table, there are three things you should focus on: weight, design simplicity, and sturdiness. While you want it to be lightweight enough to carry around with ease, you don’t want to compromise on table strength.


Who uses treatment tables?

Portable tables are great for professionals on the move, such as physiotherapists, who work to improve your physical activity and help prevent further injuries. As mobile professionals, they often take their training to their clients and need mobile sports physio supplies.

Chiropractors are skilled professionals able to help with pain in joints and muscles. The different techniques they use to treat problems, including spinal manipulation and stretching muscles, meaning that they need a secure work surface. Portable treatment tables provide the stability they need while allowing them to travel to their clients and provide them with the best service.

Anyone interested in treating themselves will seek the services of a professional masseuse. Whether they are looking to experience an aromatherapy massage or they’d like a deep tissue massage, a local masseuse can help them. With portable massage tables, masseuses can take their work into their clients’ homes and help them relax in comfortable surroundings.


What’s the difference between treatment and massage tables?

Treatment tables are solid structures, designed to be rigid and support the client as they are being treated. Massage tables often have cut out sections for faces or additional supports for arms, and might be made of a softer material.


How do I know if a portable table is right for me?

For professionals who travel a lot, a portable table might be just what you need. If you regularly travel and have to try and transport a full-sized treatment table then a portable one is going to save you a lot of time and effort.

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