Anatomical Organ Models

Anatomical organ models give you a greater understanding of the human body and the wonders of the organs within it. Used by medical students as they learn and professionals hoping to refresh their knowledge, they are common fixtures within doctors and physiotherapists offices. Using an accurate model is important, especially if it is lifesized or giant to allow you to see more. At Physiosupplies, we have plenty of realistic anatomical organ models for you to choose from today.

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The best Irish anatomical organ models

Learning more about the human body is vital within the medical field. For professionals wanting to stay on top of the latest medical advances, anatomical organ models are a great way to do so with ease.

One of the most popular anatomical organ models is the heart model. Available in a variety of sizes, including life-size, you can examine the human heart and learn more about it. All of the anatomical organ models on Physiosupplies are made out of washable PVC, making it easy to clean them once you are done.

We are proud to be 100% Irish owned and operated, and all of our Irish customers spending over €70 will get free delivery. Stock up on the essentials now.


What are anatomical organ models made out of?

The materials used for anatomical organ models vary depending on the manufacturer, but most organisations will opt for a washable PVC material. This makes them easier to clean as well as very durable, so they tend to be long-lasting.


How many organs are in the human body?

Organs are a collection of tissues within a structural unit, created to serve a specific function. Many medical professionals agree that there are 78 organs in the average human body. Each organ serves a specific purpose to help us with performance or survival.


Who uses anatomical organ models?

Anatomical organ models are used by a variety of medical professionals, including medical and nursing students, physiotherapists, universities, and hospitals around Ireland.


Why do people use anatomical organ models?

Anatomical organ models are extremely useful as a teaching tool. Studying anatomy on the human body would not only be challenging, but also expensive and time-consuming. Using anatomical models is the preferred method because it creates ease of access for learners.

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