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Those suffering with chronic back pain will find relief when using back cushions. Back cushions for chairs easily attach, providing you with vital lumbar support where you need it. The range of lumbar support cushions available on Physiosupplies will help reduce back pain and provide your body with the support you need, whether working or relaxing. Shop the range of backrests for chairs today to find the perfect spinal support for you.

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Which back cushions for chairs are right for you?

Orthopaedic backrest pillows easily fit onto any chair, thanks to their adjustable straps. This makes them perfect for the workplace and home offices, as you can place them securely onto your chair before you start work. These portable back cushions will ensure you have the support you need to relieve muscle fatigue and chronic back pain.

Alternatively, you can find longer back cushions in the form of spinal supports. These larger backrests arch up to provide support all the way along your spine, helping to reduce stress and strain. The full-sized spinal supports are best for home offices when you will not need to continually move the support.

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Are back support cushions good?

Back support cushions are excellent for those struggling with chronic back pain or muscle fatigue. These supports help to stabilise your spine and reduce stress upon the joints, making sitting for extended periods of time much more comfortable.


Should you sit with a cushion behind your back?

If you experience pain when sitting for a long time, a cushion can help to relieve some of the pain. A standard sofa cushion can help a little, but for the best support, invest in a proper backrest. They conform to your body to provide support where you need it the most.


What are the uses of a backrest?

Backrests will support your position when sitting, ensuring that you aren’t placing too much pressure and stress on your spine. This can lead to muscle fatigue and back pain. With a backrest or cushion, your spine will have the support you need to reduce pain.


How do you choose the right backrest for you?

The right backrest for you depends on your needs. If you often travel between your workplace and a home office, you may want to opt for a portable back cushion. These can easily be adjusted to suit any chair and are easy to carry around, making them perfect for travel with you. If you need further support, a spinal support seat covers your entire back to stabilise your spine.


Are chairs without backs better?

Using a chair without a back puts more pressure on your spine to keep you upright. You may find that you lean forward or back more, which can cause pain and muscle fatigue. If you struggle with back pain, you should opt for a chair with a back.

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