Exercise Loop Bands

Exercise loop bands, also known as resistance loop bands, are extremely versatile exercise tools. Ideal not only for stretching as part of your warm-up and cool-down, as well as rehabilitation, but they can also help to improve flexibility during yoga and pilates. Here at Physiosupplies we offer a range of different exercise loop bands for you to choose from, with varying lengths, resistance levels, and even kits available to make training easier than ever.

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Improve muscle strength and tone with resistance loops

Whether you want to improve your muscle tone during your usual yoga workout or you want to increase strength following an injury, exercise loops can help. Traditional resistance bands are usually straight pieces of flexible material, which are placed under the body to create resistance. Exercise loop bands come connected together so that you can use them around the thighs for a more challenging workout.

Latex resistance loops are some of the most popular to use. They stretch further than fabric loops and are extremely resilient, making them ideal for use during all types of training and exercise. Another option is powerbands. Stronger and more durable than other types of resistance loops, they can be stretched to 250% of their original length and offer a variety of different resistance levels.

Whether you are stocking up on all of the essentials for your home gym or you simply want to add new items to your physiotherapy clinic, we can help. Here at Physiosupplies, we offer free delivery across the Irish mainland on all orders over €70.


Are loop bands effective?

Loop bands offer an extremely efficient workout. Research and studies have shown that exercise loops can offer similar strength gains to weight work, and they can even improve muscle stability in a more effective way than weight training can.


How do you use exercise loop bands?

The beauty of exercise loop bands is that they can be used in a variety of ways. Some choose to use them as a workout in their own right, such as placing them under the feet and doing bicep curls with them. Others might add them to an existing workout, such as squats, to add further resistance.


What is the difference between a resistance loop and a band?

Resistance bands are common features within many gyms and physiotherapy clinics. They are singular pieces of stretchable material, adding an additional level of difficulty during workouts. Resistance loops are similar, except that they are made from a closed-loop. This makes them often stronger and more durable.


Which muscle groups do loop bands target during exercise?

The beauty of loop bands is that they can be used to target any muscle group. Some of the most popular to target are the quads, hamstrings, glutes, chest, biceps, abs, and shoulders.


Are weights or resistance loop bands better to use?

Studies have suggested that resistance loops can be better to use, especially for those looking to improve muscle stability. This is because resistance bands provide constant muscle tension throughout the exercise, improving muscle growth.

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