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Examinations are an important part of physiotherapy. Whenever you meet with a new or returning patient, an examination will tell you about their current condition and needs. Having the right equipment can help, which is why we stock a range of medical examination couches and therapy tables. Available in a range of styles and designs, they’ll help you conduct your treatment and physiotherapy sessions with ease. You’ll find everything from portable massage tables to pressure mattresses and more here at Physiosupplies.

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Therapy tables are multipurpose pieces of medical furniture that you can use to conduct a thorough examination of your client. Often designed to be portable so that you can take your services to your clients with greater ease, they have a sturdy frame for use during examinations. Some include a cutout hole for the face so that you can provide massages for your clients when needed.

When it comes to medical furniture, there are a variety of items you’ll find you need. A popular option for patients suffering from bedsores is pressure mattresses. These mattresses come with different designs and can be inflated in different ways to relieve pressure on the body and prevent bedsores from forming. They provide a comfortable base for your patients to lie on and are vital for any bedridden patient.

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What is physiotherapy?

Unlike other areas of medicine, where drugs and surgery are used to treat disease, infection and injury, physiotherapy has another concentration. Physiotherapists will utilise massage, exercise and movement in order to help their clients. These methods can be used to treat an injury or to help your general wellbeing improve.


What is a physical therapy table called?

Physical therapy tables go by many names, including but not limited to massage tables, medical examination tables, and PT tables. They typically consist of a sturdy frame with vinyl or fabric-covered foam padding to make the table more comfortable during examinations.


How do you clean a massage table between clients?

Using a couch roll or paper roll on your massage table will help to reduce the risk of infection or contamination. However, it is still important to clean the table between uses. Experts suggest using a mild soap and warm water to gently wipe it clean. While items like alcohol sprays may be tempting, they can dry out vinyl tables and create cracks or bubbles.


Should I buy a portable massage table?

Portable massage tables are a popular option for physiotherapists to use. This is because they can easily be folded up and transported to where they are needed, such as a patient’s room following surgery or a client’s home. It allows you to go to your clients and provide your services without compromising on the quality of care you give.


Do physiotherapists need a saddle stool?

Saddle stools are popular for physiotherapists to use because of the comfort of the seated position. They are designed to support your body while you attend to your patient, and the contoured ergonomic seat makes sitting for an extended period of time comfortable.

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