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Electrotherapy is when electrical energy is used as a medical treatment. This is commonly seen in electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines. Each of these electrotherapy machines can help to reduce pain, strengthen muscles, promote bone growth, and improve circulation in the body. At Physiosupplies we stock a range of machines and adhesive electrodes to help you get your patients to their normal level of fitness again.

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EMS & TENS machines in Ireland

EMS machines are often used in physical therapy. They transmit electrical impulses through electrodes to key muscle groups to cause a tightening or contraction of the muscles. This makes them ideal for use on the quadriceps after knee surgery to promote healing and increase strength in the muscles.

While there are similarities between ems and tens in the ways that they operate, they serve different purposes. TENS machines are used for pain relief, with low-voltage electrical pulses interfering with the pain signals to reduce discomfort. It is useful for a number of conditions including arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, sports injuries, and more.

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What is electrotherapy used for?

Electrotherapy is used to reduce pain, strengthen muscles, and improve circulation in the body. This, in turn, should lead to improvements in the physical function of your patient. Its diverse uses make it ideal for a range of conditions.


What does an EMS machine do?

EMS machines send electrical impulses to muscle groups in the body to cause a contraction of the muscles. This can help to strengthen the muscles after an injury or following surgery, aiding the patient in rehabilitation.


Do EMS machines really work?

EMS machines can help to temporarily strengthen and tone the muscles. This makes them ideal for use after surgery or following an injury, as the machines can aid recovery and the rehabilitation of a patient.


How does a TENS machine work?

TENS machines send small electrical pulses to the affected area of the body, interrupting the pain signals as they travel to the spinal cord and brain. This interruption can cause much-need pain relief and help your patient to relax their muscles.


How long should I use a TENS machine for?

TENS machines should be used for no longer than 40 minutes at a time. Overuse or too high of a setting can actually make the pain worse through over-stimulation. Unlike EMS machines, you are not aiming to have the muscles contract.

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